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The Ralph Bunche 2017 Summer Institute

Type: Ages: 15 to 18

During the course of the two weeks, a diverse group of high school students (grades 10-12 only) will be invited to explore issues related to conflict resolution, violence prevention, diversity, international politics, and social justice all in the spirit of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche.  In order to participate in the institute, you must be ENTERING the 10th Grade as of Fall 2017. Dr. Ralph Bunche was an international conflict resolution practioner and a skilled negotiator. He was also a native Detroiter and the first person of color to recieve the Nobel Peace Prize.  The summer institute is designed to inform students about Dr. Bunche's life and peacemaking legacy in the Middle East and Africa through the United Nations while also preparing high school students by enhancing their multicultural skills and abilities to work towards promoting harmony and peace in their own lives, with each other, the community, and the world as a whole.  Register on line http://www.clas.wayne.edu/cpcs/Bunche_2017

Date: Monday July 10th, 2017 to Thursday July 20th, 2017

Location: The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at Wayne State University is hosting the 2017 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute on the university's beautiful campus located in mid-town Detroit, Michigan.

Cost: The cost is "free" for students but they are responsible for their daily transportation to and from the program except for the two overnight stays.

Sponsors: The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies in collaboration with The Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights

Event Contact:
Barbara Jones